Science Answers 

Q-Evan is building a toy rocket. He wants to fill the rocket with high-pressure water in order to launch it into the air. Which of the following materials would be the best choice for constructing the outside of the rocket?

A-a two-liter plastic bottle

Q-Samantha is developing a new design for a nuclear reactor. Why might she want to make a detailed computer model of her design?


to test the physical theories behind nuclear energy


to test the reactor's safety systems


to test the reactor's energy output


to measure the effects of radiation sickness

A-II and III only

Q-Frank would like to build a bridge over the Mississippi River. He has drawn the above plans for his bridge. How do you think Frank should modify his plans to improve the bridge’s design?

A-add trusses or supportive columns

Q-Which of the following design constraints frequently results in an increase in the cost of the design?


environmental constraints


resource constraints


time constraints


social constraints

A-I, II, III and IV

Q-  Because people use their hands to touch many different things, hands carry a lot of germs. A good way to avoid getting sick from exposure to these germs is to wash one's hands with soap and water. However, after washing and rinsing one's hands, it is then necessary to touch the knob on the faucet to turn the water off. Since everyone touches this same knob to turn the water on, it may have picked up a lot of germs. A person's clean hands can be contaminated again by touching the sink knob.

One solution to this problem is to cover a person's hand with a paper towel when turning off the water in order to avoid touching the knob. What invention solves this problem and is often used in public restrooms?

A-sinks that automatically turn on and off by sensing when there are hands in them

Q-One of the biggest challenges for the exploration and future colonization of space is the expense of launching materials from Earth. Current rocket propulsion technology makes launches very expensive. Every item launched into space must be considered carefully because the expense goes up with every extra pound of cargo.

This problem would be best solved with

A-launching methods that are more cost-efficient and cargo made of lighter materials.

Q-A company is developing a new type of airplane that can take off like a helicopter. Before they begin manufacturing the airplanes on a large scale, they first build a prototype. What is the main purpose of building a prototype?

A-to make sure the design works as expected

Q-Patricia is an architect, and her firm has been hired to build a skyscraper in a coastal city. What constraints should Patricia consider before she designs the skyscraper?

A-cost, materials available, geological stability of building site

Q-Felicia wants to design a car that is more environmentally friendly than the cars currently on the market. Which factor would have the most impact when making the car more environmentally friendly?

A-amount or type of fuel used

Q-Marty is developing a new way to heat an airplane's windshield to prevent it from accumulating ice when in flight. A thin layer of clear, conductive material is injected between two layers of thick windshield plastic. A very small electric current in run through the inner material to keep the plastic layers warm.

How might using a model help Marty develop his design?

A-A model could be used to test his design in a lab.

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