Hi everyone I created this website from years of anger of doing Study Island and always failing. So this website is designed for YOU to get help with some questions on Study Island. I need your help though. If you have any Questions and the answer to them that aren't on this website already you can post them as a comment and I will put it on the website so other people can get the help they need!  New information will be added weekly (I will NOT delete any information that I put on this website) For a little hint on how to find the information you want quick without looking through each question and answer You can highlight the whole page press  "F3" at top of keyboard and type the exact words you are looking for. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can always contact me at taragriffith30@yahoo.com Good Luck on getting that blue ribbon! By using this you will receive it! .......Like us on Facebook!!!

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